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Our Mission

 Spread collaborative synergy, while developing independent success, with a conglomerate of intelligent, creative, women resulting in the expansion of female founders and leaders in business.

Our Vision

By strategically assembling an eclectic group of experienced, professional, women, we will continue to grow our individual businesses while simultaneously building our clients. Each independent owner stands strong in their authenticity and passion for sharing with the world their gifts.  Through merging our expansive networks of like-minded women, we will accelerate the number of women who acquire authority in the business arena.  Partnering collaboratively removes competition and allows us to thrive in our passion for what we do.

Our Values

We are....








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At The DiStefano Group, we align the obstacle with the solution. DiStefano 

Group has an array of consultants with over 80 years combined experience specializing in financial literacy, mental health, spiritual and relationship coaching, strategic branding, executive coaching, recruitment, retention, culture, and staff development. We deliver our services by assessing the needs of an individual or organization and coordinating the appropriate consultant for the project.  We offer one on one coaching, group coaching, customized workshops, speakers and branding packages.  We partner with you to master the requirements necessary to run your life and business efficiently and enjoyably.

Each consultant brings with them a plethora of expertise operating independently in their own business.

If you are referred to The DiStefano Group, know you are in good hands.


Gina DiStefano, Founder and CEO

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Kind, empathetic and brilliant, Gina is truly a visionary. She has spent the last 25 years

committed to getting her personal and professional life aligned. Her diverse background

includes, working for Fortune 500 companies, running her own successful consulting firm for

over a decade, branding and scaling national and local companies. Gina tirelessly works on

making herself better so she can be of more value to the world. Her areas of expertise include:

executive level business development coaching, hiring and retention, cultural refinement and

improvement, operational efficiency, accountability training, public speaking, and branding.

Outside of her professional career, she also thrives. As a single mother of two boys, Gina finds

much of her peace and happiness within her home. By consciously surrounding herself with

mindfulness and meditation she is able to remain grounded and focused on the magical parts of

life that are often overlooked in today’s chaotic world. For the most part…

Meet The Group

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Juliet Hahn

Juliet started her coaching career as a virtual health and fitness coach.  After gaining 65 lbs with each pregnancy and her body changing after 40, she made a conscious effort to exercise and eat a more balanced diet.  The results truly changed her life, and it was her mission to share her formula with others. In 2015, she began a new adventure as a virtual health and fitness coach supporting women to lose weight, become stronger, and regain their confidence.

In 2021, Juliet decided to pivot away from health and fitness coaching and into helping people connect to their passions. She offers a workshop called “Your Next Stop” (YNS) that empowers people to find their creative passion and turn it into a business which she believes everyone has the ability to do; they just need the correct tools. In addition to her workshop, she uses her YNS Podcast and YNS Live to highlight people who have turned passions into careers. This platform shares inspiring stories from people all over the world.

Through these conversations, Juliet guides people to explore their past in order to connect the dots to their own story. Everyone has a story and it is through sharing, active listening (and sometimes laughing) that people connect and learn from one another.

Combining these two paths has led to a partnership with NFL Thread to create a series that explores the lives and stories of NFL spouses and partners. This series chips away at the perception of NFL women and showcases their talents, initiatives and missions. 


Armida Abreu Martinez


Armida Abreu Martínez is the CEO & Founder of Divine Growth Coaching and a #1  bestselling author for Collaboration, visionaries share a new way of living.  Armida's passion and purpose is to help her clients heal through deep and painful insecurities as well as relationship struggles and hardships.  Armida obtained her Love and Authenticity Certificate  as well as her Whole Healing Certificate from Authentic Living, where she learned how to facilitate internal healing by uncovering and addressing the root causes of external symptoms. Additionally, she earned her NLP Certification from the Association for integrative Psychology, which is helping her serve her clients with overcoming beliefs, breaking behavioral patterns, creating more freedom & choice over their mindset and developing stronger and healthier relationships.  By working with Armida, you will be able to improve your self-confidence, heal the past by overcoming underlying trauma, improve your communication skills, reduce stress and anxiety, overcome fear and find love, peace, and happiness. Her mission is to help people remove fear based living through the power of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-discovery. Her vision is for humanity to move beyond fear and separation and into love and oneness.


Amanda DeNardo

Amanda DeNardo is a talented and passionate certified mindset & relationship coach and speaker. Amanda has her Masters in Education and Counseling where she previously worked with high school students and families. Amanda's work experiences are diverse and spans over 12 years.


Amanda's signature coaching programs and the value of her 1:1, corporate, and group coaching and speaking kickstarts a fire inside people's soul. Amanda's teachings support her clients in busting through the blocks, in order to make immediate shifts to get the results they desire. Her knowledge and her spirit are the currency to helping people find the hope, the belief, and the knowing that anything is possible.




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Jaqueline Clancy

As the Manager of Business Development at Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty, Jacqueline Clancy wears many hats and possesses the ability to ignite change. Her skill set ranges from finding talent and assisting them in the development of their careers to operating her own business as a real estate professional. Her career has been diverse with the universal strength being the ability to develop others. It’s her selfless and helpful nature that makes Jacqueline the successful businesswoman she is today. This is reflected in the accolades not only from her satisfied clients but also from her colleagues. Jacqueline shows them how to build their business through honesty, devotion to their clients, and a strong work ethic. Owing to this generosity, Jacqueline was recognized by the Irish Echo as a 2020 recipient of the 40 under 40 award in leadership in her real estate community. She continues to work at a high level, and is known across her region as an honest and hardworking agent who always puts her clients first. Jacqueline excels in people development, management consulting and accountability training. 

Married with three daughters, she is ever the doting mother and mentor to her children. They are the inspiration for her integrity and devotion to her work, and she strives to set a good example by showing them what it takes to be a success in anything they choose to do.

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Vanity Bryant

Financial literacy is an integral part of a woman’s personal and professional success. Having

overcome humble beginnings, Vanity has worked diligently to strategically place herself into a

position of financial knowing. With over 15 years experience in leadership and banking, she

brings to the DiStefano Group the ability to help women overcome their financial obstacles and


Currently working in management for KeyBank in the CT and MA market, she is also a

committee member within Key4Women. Key4Women is a springboard. A sounding board. An

advice forum, think tank, and resource center for everyday women doing extraordinary things.

They are dedicated to helping women take advantage of every business opportunity that can be

discovered, as well as creating new ones along the way. Vanity is well versed in the resources

they offer, as well as an expert in personally helping women with all their banking and financial


Resilience, humility and resourcefulness are what encompass Vanity. Her commitment to

helping women on their path to success is what makes her a calming breath of fresh air in times

of uncertainty and fear.

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