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DiStefano Group

Coaching + Culture = Change

About Us


With over 50 years combined experience, the DiStefano Group has a proven track record of excellence. Founder and CEO, Gina DiStefano, is an executive business consultant and coach, specializing in workplace revitalization through leader-led coaching and culture refinement. Previously, she worked as an HR professional for one of the largest hospitality brands in the world and CEO of a national non-profit, luxury retail company. In conjunction with her professional accolades, Gina takes her personal development very seriously. Her commitment to strengthening her mental acuity is evident in the passion and dedication she brings to life through her coaching. She has been featured in multiple media appearances, publications (THRIVE Global, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine) various podcasts, contributor to, "Breaking in the News: Build Buzz for your Brand", creator of SUE YOU™(developed to ensure the individual and collective growth of an organization), Revitalize System (developed to increase awareness of personal and professional opportunities), and is a Keynote Speaker. 

Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Customized Workshops

Our workshops are customized around the uniqueness of your business. We collaborate to ensure interactive learning and relationship building is achieved. Examples of topics: Culture, Accountability, Conflict Resolution, Staffing, Personal Development and Impactful Leadership, and more.

Executive Coaching

We center our coaching style around improving self-awareness and self-management. Coaching as been proven to benefit relationships with co-workers, goal accomplishment, accelerate learning, decision-making, and increased success of the organization.

Keynote Speaking

Gina's captivating presence is guaranteed to motivate, inspire and change the way you think. She has spoken across the country on various topics including: Culture, People Development and Leadership Techniques. 

Strategic Planning

Our comprehensive approach to getting you where you need to go is beyond stellar. We connect and calculate a unique plan together while igniting the fire in your belly.



"Gina’s confidence, vision and ability to execute is truly noteworthy. She brings a robust sense of

self into any room; allowing people to feel confident in their own skin. She possesses a unique gift

that makes others feel empowered and in control of their personal and professional lives."

Matt Perry EVP, Assured Partners

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