If your business isn't in need of a long term strategy, consider a DiStefano Group 1-day workshop or 3-day intensive. These short and effective sessions are a combination of training sessions and motivational presentations and are a great way to quickly re-energize, re-focus and boost moral among employees. 


Large organizations can quickly lose productivity and money when employees aren't motivated and can happen for various reasons. The DiStefano Group will work with you to identify these areas and create a unique and individualized workshop or intensive for your business.


At the end of the day, it's imperative that your staff gains back their drive, motivation and focus so your business isn't losing valuable time and money.    


Building Solid Cultures in the Workplace

Create an environment where your employees feel valued and part of something. Learn that true culture goes beyond a mission statement on the wall.


Leadership Development -

Build Connections, Show Vulnerability

Powerful leaders know that leaning on their people is key. However, they often hesitate out of fear of appearing weak. Learn how to confidently show who you are and gain the respect of your people by doing so.

Talent Acquisition - Beyond the Job Description

A solid job description is only a part of the process. This workshop will ensure your organization not only knows the exact expectations of the role but also how to find the right people that fit into the culture and have solid transferable skills.


People Development - How to Take People with You

Become a magnet. Learn how to listen to your people and give them what they need.


SUE You System™ – Making Others Feel Special, Understood, Excited

We all crave honest human interaction. Everyone wants to feel special, understood and excited. This workshop will train on the unique SUE You System™ developed by the DiStefano Group. This system teaches invaluable skills that can be applied in your personal and professional lives to get you amazing results.

Stop Trying to Motivate - Start Creating Experiences

Motivation can not be given. No one will ever want to do something they don’t feel like doing. By learning how to create an experience and a feeling, others are more apt to initiate change and carry out tasks that they feel are burdens.

Influencing Without Authority

It’s sometimes hard to get results when you don’t have the authority to hold someone accountable. Learn how you don’t have to be in a position of power to get respect and results.


Change How You’re Perceived and Gain Respect

When we’ve been labeled one way or another it’s hard to change how we’re viewed by others. It can be done. Learn how


Perfecting Your Image - Why it’s so Important

This workshop will train the audience to envision how they want to show up and learn how to bring that person to life.


Build Confidence to Influence Change

Fake it till you make it. This workshop will provide training on how to face challenges as you build yourself up.

How to be Politely Aggressive in Business

You can’t get what you don’t ask for. It’s ok to stand in your power and demand your worth without looking like a bully. Learn strategic techniques to get what you want.


How to Be a “Solid Communicator”

Communication goes far beyond being articulate or “chatty” – Solid communicators can remove the elephant from the room and execute change. Become an influencer not only with your words, but also your approach.



The DiStefano Group is committed to revitalizing workplace environments and refreshing leadership styles. Often times, there are simple fixes to major problems.


We customize our workshops to fit your needs and personalize to accommodate your organization.