As your marketing advocates, we work with you to ensure your marketing agency is following through, providing real results and guiding your marketing strategy with your company’s best interest in mind, not theirs.

We help your business get better results from your marketing efforts by holding your agency or marketing department accountable. We will join your marketing meetings, ask the right questions and follow up. In turn, we’ll get your agency and your budget working harder for you.

Why is it Important to Have a Marketing Advocate?

If you find yourself sitting through marketing meetings with your agency but not really understanding the reports and updates, you may want to consider a marketing advocate. We've got your back. We'll translate, decode and get the information your agency isn't showing you.

We understand the industry, how to read the reports and what questions to ask. Agencies of all kinds want to make more money and will convince you to spend more. We put a stop to unnecessary spending.

We provide: 

• Marketing Audits
• Agency Accountability
• Meeting Attendance and Advocacy
• Reporting Reviews

Marketing Meeting