Leadership Coaching

Train managers to lead without dictating.

The DiStefano Group will help develop the leaders you want to employ. Remember, it’s always top down, leader-lead. Managers need to be solid and confident in who they are and how they lead.

We will provide specific tools and techniques through our unique SUE You System that will impact and grow a powerful organization. 

See what the SUE You System can do for your team below.

Leadership Coach
SUE You System

Gina DiStefano, President and CEO at the DiStefano Group, has been using the SUE You System for over ten years. This technique was uniquely designed to effectively teach employees to maximize their encounters with their staff, peers, potential clients and more all while training them to become highly influential and magnetic to others.

By understanding how to develop deep relationships and influence without authority, your management will gain buy-in, get better results and improve business and personal relationships.  

SUE You System Seminar